Dream from the Holy Spirit -Second dream

Numbers 12 :6 “Hear now My words.If the is a prophet among you,I the LORD make Myself known to him in a vision.I speak to him in a dream

Last month,I did mention that the Holy Spirit gave me three dreams for three nights on the first week of September,2011. I have already shared my first dream in my previous posting.I will now tell  you about the second dream that the Lord gave to me .In Numbers 12:6,the LORD said that He will speak to a prophet in a dream.Today,the Holy Spirit of God still speak to His servant and His prophet in a dream.I am one of such prophet.The LORD has been giving me many divine visions and spoke to me many times in a dream.I earnestly believe that when we lay down to physically rest and sleep in the fullness of the His presence,the Holy Spirit can invade our very soul,our innermost sub-conscious and conscious mind and began to reveal some mysteries from God.This He do according to His own will.

It’s a vivid recollection of images,sub-conscious memories,a supernatural revelation of the future or past and a divine vision  from the LORD that the Holy Spirit inputted within the area of our mind and emotion.It’s called  a “dream”but more than that,it’s a “night vision” from the Holy Ghost.Therefore,divine dream is another dimension of divine vision from God.In this last days,God is going to reveal many thing to His saints through prophesy,divine visions and dreams The Holy Spirit will reveal a more intense  dream because God want to channel His revelation  of the spirit realm and things that will shortly come to pass.

ACTS 2:17 “And it shall come to pass in the last days.says God,that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy;Your young men shall see visions,Your old men shall dream dreams”

As usual,I went to bed very  late that night because there was just too many thing that I needed to do in the ministry.I think I went to bed around 2.00 am morning.Then I had a dream.This time in my  dream,my spirit man was taken back to my very hometown,and  I saw myself standing on the very hill where once my late father build our family house and where I grew up and stayed in our house as a young boy until I reach 17.(My family house was build on a hill).I did not see our old family house in this dream ,but I saw my self standing on this hill side.After a while someone brought to me two women to be prayed for because I was told that both of this women  was  troubled.I look at them and it seems to me that they look normal with a very descent wearing.There was no sign or symptom that they both are  having any problem or being troubled.

In this dream, I saw myself being led to pray for them.The moment I started to lay hand to pray for them,immediately both of this women became very aggressive and violent that the men who brought them began to hold them both by their hand.I now know that both of them were under the oppression of some evil spirits because they became wild as the spirit began to manifest out of them.I can hear them growling,hissing and trying to break loose from the men who was holding them tightly.Now I have been dealing with many demons before in my life and casting out devils from those who are being oppress by evils spirits was part of my ministry.Jesus said “And these signs will follow those who believe;In My name they will cast out demons….” (Mark 16:17a-NKJ)

I am now engaging in a spiritual battle where I have to deliver both  women from the  oppression of these demons that have bounded their life.Before I commanded this demon to leave from this women,I saw myself demanding the demons inside them to tell their identity.I saw myself demanding:”Demon spirits,what is your name?”(Luke 8:30).Then the demons inside one of them answered me by giving his name as: “SANDIWARA!”.Now this is the first time that I ever heard such a name!.

I  have been serving God for 30 years (1981-2011), being involved in a deliverance ministry and has been casting out devils to so many who are demonized,but I have never heard such name of a demon called :”SANDIWARA”before.But in this dream,that is the exact name that the demons said his name was.I then found my self began to cast out and command this demons spirit to come out and leave both of this women in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

They were both very violent and tried to ignore my command initially,but the demons was unable withstand  such power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ.As I was rebuking so hard in Christ’s name,the demon shout at the top of their voice and began to leave the women’s body.My commanding voice was so loud that literally it awaken me from my sleep and dream.I look at the clock and it was past 2.30 am morning.My heart was really beating hard and fast because of this very intense and real spiritual battle kind of a dream.It took me sometime to calm myself as I began to pray and worship the Lord.You can imagine the  kind of dream is this  so much so that it has awaken me from my sleep!

I  did not even sleep till 6.00 am morning.I was discerning and pondering such revelational dream that the Holy Ghost has given to me.I was asking the Holy Spirit about this demon called “Sandiwara”.I will need to tell you  that the noun word “sandiwara”in a Malaysian/Indonesian Language is being translated as a “PLAY” or an “ACT”

I also found out that a “PLAY”or an “ACT”  in the context  of  a movie,this probally refer to the star “Actor”of  a movie who skillfully demonstrate his/her skill in acting/play.And as we all know,when someone is very good in acting on a movie,they become very popular actors and actress.As the matter of fact,those  very good actors/actress who act in movies will be treated  by millions of movie fan as their idols and stars.Movie industries especially in Holywood and Bollywood are filled with so many famous actors and actress.I myself in my early years adore and love many actors especially those who “act” in action movies,such as Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson,even Tom Cruise and even Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan,the most famous “Actors”in Hindi Movies,became instant Millionaire just because he is very good in his  ACT in movies.In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world just because he is so good in his ACT.SO..Actors can become a very powerful men/women in the world.Who gave them such “power”?

It’s been over one year now,I have not watch any action movies for ever since I rededicated my life to the Lord,I have lost my appetite to watch any more movies.My point here  is that these famous men/women take their role as “ACTORS/ACTRESS” whose  act or a play  are being dictated by their director and such man /women will embrace to a certain personallity in which is not their real identity.Movies are all an “ACT”or a “PLAY” ,a “sandiwara”as we called it here in Malaysia or Indonesia.

And so,this dream from the Holy Ghost showed some significance revelation to me,and that there is a very certain kind of demonic spirit by the name of “Sandiwara” who will go and  posses  people and turn them into other personality which is not real but a fake and subtile kind of personalities.When you see a very good actors/actress,you will understand what I mean.Some actors especially in Hindi movies can draw so much emotion and literally make many cry.Such “ACT”is so strong today that many unbelievers got carried away through the influence of this kind of spirits. This spirit of “sandiwara” has even influenced many religious people and even to some extend, many saints and ministers who are not fully yield to the Holy Ghost.I call them  “Christian/Religous Actors “or “Christian pretenders”.Jesus called these religious fakers as “HYPOCRITES”

Woe to you,scribes and Pharisees,pretenders (hypocrites)! For you clean the outside of the cup and of the plate,but within they are full of extortion,(prey,spoil,plunder)and grasping self-indulgence “(Matthew 22:25 -AMP )

we must always be alert of this particular kind of Demonic spirits.Such Demons are cunning “pretenders”and they can  possess a false ministers and turn such ministers of  satan to act like a minister of Christ.All their works are “fake”and this is the work a particular demons spirit called the spirit of “sandiwara”or spirit of lie(lying spirit) /pretender spirit.The Scripture reveal this so clearly in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (NKJ):For such are false apostles,deceitful workers,transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.And no wonder!for Satan himself transform into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great things if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness,whose end will be according to their works.”

I do not know how to call this kind of demons “sandiwara”spirits in English.Maybe I should called them as “THE SPIRIT OF PRETENDERS,THE SPIRIT OF HYPOCRISY,THE SPIRIT OF FALSEHOOD OR JUST AS THE BIBLE SAYS”THE SPIRIT OF LIE“(2 Chronicles 18:21).Their character can be easily detect through the gift of Discerning of Spirits.Just like 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 says,these satanic spirits can really transform to look like they are a real genuine ministers when they are not but only”fakers,pretenders,hypocrites and evil actors”.Talks about “acting,a play,pretending and fake ministers”,this scripture tells it all.There are so many fake and false apostles and pretender ministers.These are the work of such demonic kind of spirits called the “sandiwara”spirits or’ spirit of  Lie”/falsehood/pretender.

I was involved in many healing & deliverance ministry for many years.I have encountered so many type of Demons.BUT the name of Jesus Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit has delivered many who came to be ministered.

This is one of such occasion where I was casting out devils from one women during my Indonesia ministry.The battle between God and Satan is real and I will contunue to resist the devil  in Asia.

This woman was freed from demonic oppression by the power of God

I invite you today my readers,to join me  in this ministry of deliverance ,that we ask God the Father to anoint us with such faith,power and divine ability to cast this demons out from our churches,saints and even  from fake ministers.I pray that many of us will receive the gift of Discerning of Spirit,so that the Holy Spirit will be able to reveal the real demonic spirits behind such “act”and “play”.Otherwise these actors and pretenders  christian and ministers will influence many weak saints to follow their fake faith not realizing that they are now introducing a corrupted wrong doctrine.You must always need to know that even Satan know the  scripture and what is written in the Bible,except they do not obey God’s commandments nor obey His precepts and word.

Mark 1:23-26 “Now there was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit.And he cried out,saying,”Let us alone!What have we to do with You,Jesus of Nazareth?Did You come to destroy us?I know who your are -the Holy One of God!”But Jesus rebuked Him,saying,”BE quite,and come out of him!”.And when the unclean spirit had convulsed him and cried out with a loud voice,he came out of him”(NKJ)

This dream that the Holy Spirit gave to me is so real because unclean spirits are real and they enters into the very body of men and women who don’t have Christ in their life and thus turn such person in accordance to their character in which one of such spirit is called “Sandiwara”spirit or the Spirit of Falsehood/error /pretenders/lying spirit


I will need to add this today of my finding.I am led to watch a youtube vedio by someone who exposed such “actors and fakers” on the Columbine Shooting  which occured in 1999.This Columbine “fatal incident”were it was said that 12 students and 1 teacher were killed and 21 were injured.The   shooters were indentified to be two senior student (Alledgelly by :Eric Harris and Dylan klebold)  who went on shooting every body in the school compound.


When I saw this exposure,the Lord just reminded me,how this fake “spirit of Sandiwara” has worked his way up and toy away with the media,the county police,bomb squad,SWAT and other agencies  who created such “drill”(play)under the pretense of fatal incident and thus played with the crowd who supported such campaign with thousands or even millions of of dollars in supporting certain Bill and non-profit fund raiser to support such humanitarian cause.This two alleged”shooter”today turned out to be the same good actors who act  in the film called”South Park”shooting.A criminal shooters turned “film stars”WHAT A  JOKE!But this is how the “spirit of sandiwara” aka the” spirit of liar“work.Its all about business without considering the damages been done to the mind of our society.

After watching this whole episode,I just broke down in tears and realized why the Holy Ghost need to give me this dream.I am now just amazed how this particular “spirit of sandiwara”has produces so many “actors”and “play”that is just playing many  American mind and mentality to believe such “Act”..The Devil is a liar and the father of every liar and we will need to address this fakers and “act”with the truth that such demons are all behind this and embrace the truth in Christ.I’ve included this vedio below for you to see.Readers,the” spirit of Lie“is cunning and we need to resist this demonic spirit from diverting our faith from the truth in God’s word.

After I posted,a minister in India emailed me telling me :“Apostle,I am so surprise that you are not aware of this kind of spirit/god which is being worship here in India until God have to reveal this to you in a dream.In India, this god is called as “SANDYIAR”.It has three heads and some India film producer even make it into a film”

(As you know,I have never been to India and this minister even gave me the link to this vedio.Here is the link below,this so called “SANDYIAR”god or spirit


16 thoughts on “Dream from the Holy Spirit -Second dream

  1. John McDonald

    Are you and apostle, a prophet or a seer?

    A person can have one office, not three.

    As apostles and prophets walk together, one person having both means one person is self-sufficient.

    And these gifts whilst an office are not titles. Titles do nothing but distinguish one from another thus bring division in Christs body.
    If i as an apostle, and I do walk in that calling, make it about a title, thus put my office in front of my name, rather than behind my name as they did in the New Testament, then why don’t we give everybody else a title, like Fred who is a plumber, to Plumber Fred, or Mary who is a teacher to Teacher Mary.

    Adding more titles Like Apostle, Prophet etc makes us more important than a person who only has one.

    Sorry but I am sick and tired of all this modern superficiality we put on ourselves in ministry, when all is said and done we will not be told “well done good and faithful apostle”, but simply “well done good and faithful servant”.


    1. Dear John,
      GRACE to you in Christ Jesus’s migthy name and thanks for dropping by my DIARY.In regards to your comment in which I expect tht next time,you put a comment in pertaining to my writing and not other topic.However,I will still answer you in this limited space.
      John,I can easily refer to you many scripture to support my statement but let me tell you these main fact.
      1.Paul aka Saul of Tarsus,is an Apostle,Teacher and also a Prophet
      2.Apostle John who wrote the Book of Revelation,is a Seer Prophet

      a SEER and a Prophet in the New Testament are both synonyms,because A Prophet can be the ‘Raah'(Seer)Prophet,the “Chozeh” (Seer)Prophet or the “Nabiy “type of a Prophet.So in order to Indentify my self that I am a “Chozeh”Seer type of a Prophet and not a “Nabiy”type of Prophet,I always sign-in my profile as “Apostle Joh,Seer Prophet”.Unless you understand the attribute ,type or level of anointing in the Prophetic ministry,you will never understand the different between a normal “NABI/NABIY type of a Prophet and the SEER type of Prophet.And so I will not explain to you more because you are not a prophet or maybe you call yourself as an apostle?.If that is so,may ask,which type of an apostle you are? Apostolon Apostle?Apostolos apostle or the Apostolois type of an apostle?

      In all of Pauline letter,he always introduce himself in the begining of his letter as “Paul,an Apostle of Jesus Christ,by the will of God..”or similary to his kind of introduction.Apostle Paul never hide his title in his ministry.He even write down his title as a PREACHER,APOSTLE AND TEACHER to the Gentile.I know he is also a Prophet .But in this letter I uses only three title to make his reader and the saints know about his ministry as a PREACHER,APOSTLE AND AS A TEACHER.
      Notice how Paul introduce himself
      1.”Paul,an apostle..”. (Gal 1:1)
      2.”Paul,called to be an apostle..(1 Cor 1:1)
      3.”Paul,a bondservant of Jesus Christ,called to be an Apostle “(Roman 1:1)
      4.Am I not an apostle? 1 Corinthians 7:1…
      5.1 Timothy 2:7 “for which I was appointed a PREACHER and an APOSTLE ,I am speaking the truth in Christ and not lying,a TEACHER of the gentile in faith and truth ”

      John,as for me,I don’t look at my calling as a TITLE but as a MINISTRY and I like of Paul,I MAGNIFY MY MINISTRY because my calling is being Ordain by the Lord Jesus Christ though in the first place I tried to resist His call BUT in the end I accepted His divine calling upon my life.And so,just like Paul the Apostle says “For I speak to you gentiles;inasmuch as I am an apostle to the Gentile,I MAGNIFY MY MINISTRY”(Roman 11:13)
      I can continue on and on with many strong biblical prove to stand my ministry ground as an apostle and seer Prophet.,BUT let the Holy Ghost be my advocate for now.Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,for He is worthy to be praise.

      You friend in Christ
      Apostle JOH, Seer Prophet
      An apostle of Jesus Christ,by the will of God (Ephesian 1:1)

      Presiding Apostle
      APM NETWORK ASIA & Worldwide
      G -E- 43.BLOK E ,Apt.Kemuning.Jln Bunga Raya 1,
      Tmn Bunga Raya.Bukit Beruntung Rawang 48300.Selangor.Malaysia
      Tel: +60162706144 E-Fax: 1-360-3658775
      web :http://www.apostleprophetministries.co.nr Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/APMNetwork
      Skype ID: Ldenetwork Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/apostlejoh

      1. Margie Grotto Fleurant

        I always appreciate your writings Apostle Joh. May the Lord continue to bless you and move you into this next season of your life and ministry.

  2. Thanks Dear for your Guidance,this the the actual need of those people who are doing Ministries today and those people who are consider that they clean but they are from outside not from need.this very important to make aware such people as we are working in field and Kingdom.
    May the Lord Bless you always…

  3. emma

    Dear Joh

    I have dreams which come true … dreams about catastrophic events such as both huge Tsunamis a day before they happen the earthquake in Chile the Tsunami Flood in Queensland also for 911 I was struck by an omnipresent voice which bought me to my knees that the USA did it to themselves in the exact moment I saw the plane go into the tower. About the riots and uprising all over the world… one which has not happened yet which is quite terrifying and repeats itself as a dream and a vision is a huge Chinese army in power where it should not be!!! I have also experienced being the facilitator for instant healing in Jesus name including animals and also men and women however this has been in extreme circumstances of life or death a woman was dead blue cold in a car accident and I prayed and held her head… she came back … a man had just been knocked over unconscious I prayed for him also in Jesus name and I was able to tell the paramedics what was wrong, though they initially did not listen to me when they discovered I was right they changed tactics. What would you name this to be?

    1. Well Emma.If what you hv told me is true,then consider it as a prophetic dream where it did come to pass.And so,you need to know in the last days God has poured His Holy
      Spirit and so the Holy Ghost will reveal certain revelation to us saints so tht we can be ready and pray about such upcoming event.This is how I see it in your case.What you have dream was a prophetic in nature and you need to pray and get other to pray for any event that is coming should God give you new dream. God’s will be done and cause many to know Him and so pray…..
      Remain bless
      Apostle Joh,Seer Prophet

  4. irabaruta DIVINE

    ohhh i got to know more today, …..the power of holy ghost is truly working in your life MOG.
    yes we have given the power to destroy all evil spirits in jesus name!
    we have given the victory and th authority by almight jesus!
    i am read to break the enamy in almight jesus name!!!
    Jesus has give us his authority. hallelujahhhhhh
    i thank GOD for u my brother!!keep moving in christ , stay empowered !

    1. @IRABARUTA: Amen.IRA…God’s power is REAL and so does Demons’s power.We can only experience it when we are encountering face to face such demonic spirits.
      Be bless in the knowledge Him

  5. Lau Pin Fei

    Hi Joh,
    Yes, thank God for giving you the revelation ! This is the day of the great apostasy, the great falling away of many from Him and the faith that He has placed before them.The ” Sandiwara spirits” they carry as to deceive many even the elect if the church of Jesus Christ do not have a strong foundation in both the Word. and the Spirit.They preach another gospel.and their followers are many and these followers idolize them . They are all out for their money and live a lavish lifestyle and of course they don’t care for their souls. For the testing of men’s hearts will prove if they were even His to begin with. Many will say,”Lord, Lord, didn’t I do all these things in your name ? And He will say,”depart from me for I never knew you !” What things they have done were in promoting self, building their own ministry and their own kingdom, for worldly gain, and for their fame, and not in loving Him.
    Not everything that has the label christian is of God, not everyone who come to us in the name of the Lord is of God .This is the day of weeding out, of seperating the wheat from the tares, the goats from the sheep, the pure from the vile. Thank you for sharing. Keep rejoicing in Him !

    1. @Lau Pin Fei :Bless your precious soul dear daughter of Zion,false teacher,false prophet,antichrists who is under the influence of such’ spirit of error’ and ‘religious spirit’ are manifesting more often for many years to come apart from wars,rumors of war,earthquake,pestilence,flood and famine will consistently occurring everyway.This can only be the beginning of “birth pang”as predicted by our Lord Jesus ,that He is coming is near and all these are “signs”of the end-time.However,the manifestation of the Holy Ghost in the demonstration of His divine power will even more be done by the hand of His saints,for the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preach throughout the whole world,then the end shall come.(Mat 24:11-14)
      Be bless in the name of the LORD

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